What Should We Do With All The Hypocrites in the Church?

By Carey Nieuwhof, Teaching Pastor

I hear it all the time, and maybe you do too.

People are open to Jesus, they just don't like Christians.

Why? Because many people think Christians are hypocritical, judgmental and self-righteous.

In 20 years I don't think I've ever preached directly on that subject. But tomorrow at Connexus, that changes. hypocritesIf you have a friend who's been disappointed by the hypocrisy that Christians have demonstrated, make sure they come. Call, text or drop by right now to tell them you'll go with them.

If they're out of town, send them the link to Connexus Live Online. We'll be broadcasting at 9:00 and 10:30 EDT Sunday mornings. Plus Connexus Live Online allows them to ask questions, submit live prayer requests and more.  The link is simply www.connexusliveonline.com.

The reality is hypocrisy is something that impacts all of us more deeply than we think. And God has some very specific things he wants to do about it.

In fact, Jesus' very harshest words on the planet were reserved for hypocrites. He's even angrier at them than your friend is or than you are. And yet, in the end, he throws a twist in that will have us all spinning.

Don't miss tomorrow at Connexus Church. It's going to be incredible.

Better than that, I hope it's going to be a time of healing and profound change.

See you then!

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