Want to Grow Closer to God?

It's a bit of a mystery, isn't it – how to connect with God.  We say we want to, but sometimes it just feels so elusive, so hard to do.

We hope to take some of the mystery out of that in the next month as we launch the Four Things series.  It's a wonderful series to invite friends to, and important enough that you wouldn't want to miss it yourself.  You can invite a friend here.  It starts this Sunday, January 22nd in Barrie and we launch the series Sunday January 29th in Orillia.

This weekend in Orillia we feature an Andy Stanley message called “An Ounce of Prevention”.  Andy gives a deeply compelling reason why giving and living are better when you follow a particular approach.  It's a great message!  You can invite a friend to join you by clicking here.

And remember to establish a pattern of consistently attending the same service each weekend – you'll be giving your kids a huge favour!

Can't wait for Sunday.  Here are the details:

Orillia Campus :: An Ounce of Prevention :: Andy Stanley :: 8:30 & 10:00 |  Galaxy Cinemas, 865 West Ridge Place, Orillia ON

Barrie Campus :: Four Things :: False Finish :: Carey Nieuwhof :: 8:30 & 10:00 | Galaxy Cinemas, 72 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie ON

– Carey


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