Vendors . . . not vending machines

NEWSFLASH:  Don't forget to attend our special event on this Sunday at 10am at the Galaxy Cinema in Barrie.  It's going to be a great morning of volunteer orientation and training!  For more information on the event . . . click here.

There is a team of people working behind the scenes to help us launch that you might not ever get the chance to meet.  Who is this team? – they are are a series of companies that we employ to help us reach our goal of launching the kind of church that we can invite people to regardless of their spiritual background.  I think the challenge for us as we interact with these organizations is to treat them like people and not vending machines demanding that they deliver for us.   These companies are all working extra hard to help us make our launch great – while at the same time working with other clients ensuring that they deliver for them.  I thought some people might be interested in know a little bit about some of these vendors . . . so we could be prayer for them as they work to help us launch.

Cineplex Odeon – Every Sunday our friends at Cineplex are providing space for our two Campuses to meet.  We're privileged to be able to meet in their locations every weekend!
      Key Contacts: Chuck (Barrie GM), Jon (Orillia GM), Nicole (Head Office)
      Key Issue: The integration of our logistics with their environments.

Portable Church – These guys are our "system integrators" for all of our equipment from video projectors to baby diapers.  They've worked with hundreds of churches in making "portable" locations work well.  Simply . . . we couldn't do this without PCI.
    Key Contacts:  Kendra (Primary Contact), Ron (Technical Consultant)
    Key Issues: Thousands of items from hundreds of suppliers all arriving on time!

Fellowship Technology – This is one of the most innovative companies I've ever bumped up to.  They are providing our new database and children check in system.  We want to be a better job than ever in managing our contacts well at Connexus.
    Key Contacts:  Matt (Integration Project Manager), Mark (Solutions Consultant)
    Key Issues: Normally it takes 90-120 days to get a system going . . . we need it done ASAP!

Robin Hood Technology – We are working to have a great web presence with new features for the launch of Connexus.  This website will serve as a tool for us to use in interacting with our friends and family as we invite them to church.  Robin Hood is working hard to make this site great!
    Key Contacts:  Wary (Project Manager), Jon (Solutions Consultant)
    Key Issues: We need a really cool website!

There are a number of others that we could talk about in the future but for today we wanted to give you a sense of some of companies helping us get launched well.  If you get a chance to interact with anyone from these organizations makes sure to be thankful for the work they are doing for us. 

Thanks again for what you are doing for helping us get launched.  The coming weeks are going to be pretty amazing to see!

Happy Wednesday!  I'm excited to meet with my group again tonight.  I hope you have a chance to be a in a great Community Group!

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church

p.s. Did we remind you about the event on Sunday?  Tell some of your friends to tell some of their friends!



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