Update — Better Weather for Sunday, February 17th

It's actually a little unreal to know how many times we've gotten up since we launched Connexus to learn the weather was awful on a Sunday morning (all but two Sundays, to be exact).

As of 4:30 a.m., the good news is that freezing rain has been removed from the morning forecast for both  Barrie and Orillia, according to the Weather Network hourly forecast for today.  Might get a few flurries, and then rain to start after lunch.

Can't wait for what God wants to do as we wrap up H-Bomb in Orillia this a.m. and launch Authentic in Barrie (Shauna Simmonds is joining me — don't miss it!).  Best of all, we get to worship God in an environment that we strive to make accessible to everyone.  Hope to see you in a few.



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