Two Big Questions Answered for Your and Your Friends Easter Weekend at Connexus

Cross silhouette and the holy blue sky

So this is the biggest weekend of the Christian year, and I believe, the weekend that marks the biggest event in human history.

Chances are you're gathering with friends and family this weekend. And finally, my guess is that you all have questions about why this weekend matters.

We're going to tackle the two biggest questions people ask about Good Friday and Easter:

Why did Jesus have to die for my sins?

How can anyone prove that Jesus rose from the dead?

We'll tackle those questions as honestly and deeply as we can this weekend.

And with that in mind. we want to make sure you know that you and your family are invited to our Easter Services here at Connexus! 

On Friday, we remember the death of Jesus with a special Good Friday service. The band has spent some extra time preparing to lead us in song, and we'll celebrate communion together to remember the love Jesus has for us. Our Good Friday service begins at 10:00am at the Galaxy Cinemas in Barrie and Orillia. There's more information about Good Friday here.

On Sunday, we'll gather to celebrate the resurrection of JesusOur Easter Sunday services happen at 8:30 and 10:00 am at the Galaxy Cinemas in Barrie and Orillia. It's a fantastic service to bring your family and friends to as we tackle the question of Jesus' resurrection. There will be some special music and we'll be celebrating baptism as well. You can find the details on Easter at Connexus here.
This weekend is an incredible opportunity for us to invite friends who wouldn't find themselves at church otherwise. Easter is a time when most people are open to attending a church service. Since Easter is such an important weekend we have specially created these services with you and your unchurched friends in mind.
We're excited to see all of you come out to our Easter Services.


Barrie Campus
Good Friday 10.00 am & Easter Sunday 8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, BarrieInvite your friend to Barrie here.


Orillia Campus

Good Friday 10.00 am & Easter Sunday 8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

Invite your friend to Orillia here.

Hope to see you this weekend. We're praying for our cities and for everyone who will be there this weekend!



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