Three Things You Should Know

Three very different, very important things I want to draw to your attention today:

  • Prayer. Connexus staffer Cindy Morris, who had a serious car accident in January, is undergoing some elbow surgery today.  The surgery is very delicate and she would appreciate your prayers.  Cindy has been home for the last few months and this surgery is part of her ongoing recovery.
  • Worship. Our friends at Buckhead Church are hosting a Night of Worship on Thursday, and you're invited.  You don't have to drive to Atlanta though, fun as that might be.  Join them here on line.  You can join their webcast beginning at 7:30 p.m. live.  Incredible music, worship and prayer will be going on.  It's a privilege to be part of the same church family as the great folks at Buckhead Church. (PS.  We have a night of worship planned for early this fall.  Stay tuned.)
  • Prayer and Fasting. Don't miss Sunday August 31st as we venture into new territory as a community.  We are going to spend our time together at our Sunday morning services kicking off a week of prayer and fasting as we get ready for the fall.  We'll be praying and fasting for our community, for our friends and for God to move powerfully this fall. We'll celebrate communion and have a longer time of worship that morning.  If you've never engaged in this kind of spiritual discipline before, you don't want to miss it.  Your prayers as we get ready for this special day and season are so appreciated.  More details soon! 

Looking forward to all that God has in His mind for us and so many others.

– Carey


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