This Weekend @ Connexus | May 15th, 2011

Chances are you or someone you care about is in the middle of making an important decision right now about your job, your family or your friends. If so, you don't want to miss this weekend at Connexus.  We're in a series called You Move with Andy Stanley that's an incredibly practical, inspiring and helpful series about biblical decision making.

We're also excited about everyone who is participating in our very first Financial Learning Experience.  While the event is sold out, we're offering it again in October 2011 and February 2012.  In the meantime, we'd love it if you could pray for 100+ people who are going to participate in this weekend's Financial Learning Experience. They're getting together to see in practical ways how to live with margin and live on mission. Joe Sangl, who designed the Financial Learning Experience and will teach our first one live Sunday night, will be with us this weekend and Joe and I will be stopping by both campuses this weekend to meet you and answer questions.

Here are the details – share them with a friend and make sure you all get here this Sunday:

Your Move | Part Two: The Story of Our Life (Andy Stanley)

This week's question is: What story do I want to tell? We can either make decisions that force us to lie about certain chapters in our lives, or make decisions we can stand proudly behind. Which of these options do you want to have as a part of the story you tell?

Service Times: 8:30 -9:40am & 10:00-11:10am | Galaxy Cinema 72 Commerce Park Drive Barrie


Your Move | Part One: Really (Andy Stanley)

Break up or press on?
Explore new job opportunities or stay put?
Say something or stay silent? We are all faced with decisions that we never anticipated having to make. And we usually have to make them quickly. So what do we do? In this message, Andy reveals an important question we need to ask ourselves as we’re deciding.

Service Times: 8:30–9:40am & 10:00-11:10am | Galaxy Cinema 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia


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