This Weekend @ Connexus | June 28th, 2009

Okay, this summer weather is contagious. Maybe that's not the right word, but I wish it was contagious so we could have more of it! But I know hundreds of us will take a break this weekend for a few hours to head into some air conditioned theaters Sunday with some friends to check out Chicks and Dudes, our June series about relationships and the tension that exists between women and men.

I've met with a lot of leaders over the last seven days at Connexus, and I'm so encouraged to hear story after story after story of people who had given up on church, never been to church or never felt included in church who are now coming to Connexus. Turns out even some people I thought were solid church attenders didn't have that in their background at all over the last decade. I love being able to be part of an awesome team that hosts environments unchurched people love to attend. 

This weekend, who might you bring with you to Connexus? A friend? Your spouse? Your son or daughter?  Your mom or dad? A neighbour? A friend from work? I hope you bring someone, because Chicks and Dudes deals with issues that are universal. The application is practical, relevant and biblical. And the music, by the way, is sensational for this series.

P.S.  If you are going to the Orillia campus where Chicks and Dudes launches this weekend, DON"T BE LATE. (If you are coming to Barrie, we don't want you to be late either…but in Orillia, for sure don't be late).

Here's what's up!

Chicks & Dudes
Week Two: Fatal Attraction

People fall in love. But over time, love wears thin. What used to turn you on is a turn off. You begin to look over your shoulder, wondering if things would be better if you were with someone else. Why is that? Why is nothing good enough? What can you do to reverse the trend and bring friendship and love back into your relationship?
Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Barrie 72 Commerce Park Dr.

Chicks & Dudes
Week One: Power Failure

Power is such a source of tension in any relationship. Especially in marriage. Believe it or not, it wasn't always that way. This week we'll explore how power and desire create a tension between men and women, where that came from. We'll gain some insight from the Bible that help us understand the dynamic of what's going on with the opposite gender.
Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.

See you Sunday!


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