This Weekend @ Connexus | August 1st, 2010

We hope you can join us this holiday long weekend! This Sunday in Barrie and next week in Orillia we have something fun planned in the service and we are finishing up our current series Twisted!

We are launching our new series Aug 8th in Barrie and Aug 15th in Orillia- Here’s a little preview for you.


Twisted | Part Five: Mistaken Identity (Andy Stanley)

Sin is a very uncomfortable word. It implies that there exists a moral absolute that we are accountable to and a moral absolute that we have fallen short of. And as a result, this word has almost completely dropped out of our vocabulary. But when we allow the concept of sin to be twisted, there are far-reaching consequences that we seldom recognize.

Service Times: 8:30-9:40 am & 10:00-11:10 am | Galaxy Theaters Barrie 72 Commerce Park Dr.


Twisted | Part Four: Category Of One (Andy Stanley)

There is one twist of truth that is unique in it’s impact and implications. It erodes a person’s capacity for intimacy and leaves scars on the soul. And yet, in it’s proper context, it provides a depth of relationship and a closeness that God intended for a husband and a wife. However, when it comes to sex, our culture has bought into the lie. And it is affecting us at the deepest levels.

Service Times: 8:30-9:40 am & 10:00-11:10 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.


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