This Weekend at Connexus | December 21st, 2008

Hey Revolutionaries!

The Revolution is still in full effect this weekend – Revolutionary Love that is! I hope you were able to read the blog posts from earlier this week to see how powerfully God's love has impacted people this year.

Looks like this blizzard will clear by the time we get to tomorrow, so make sure you invite your family and friends to be part of this weekend. 

Orillia Campus

Part Four:  Revolutionary Investment – When it’s all over, what will you have done with your life? The question is a little daunting, but worth asking. God says we can keep it for ourselves, or we can invest it in others. Only one way leads to real life. Find out how your life can have it’s maximum impact as we explore Jesus’ life and teaching together this morning.

Barrie: Revolutionary Assignment #4
Expand the Reach of Connexus in 2009. Return a special "over and above" offering to help reach the 234,288 people in our region that don't attend church. The offering will:
•    help Connexus clear a modest operating deficit from our first year of operations,
•    purchase some equipment we had on loan during our first year,
•    make an accelerated payment to a North Point ministries loan
•    cover expansion expenses in the first quarter of 2009 as we begin to open a third campus in Muskoka (more on that soon!)

As you plan to give, think about how you can help expand the reach of Connexus to make an impact on others the way God has made an impact on you!

Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.

Barrie Campus

Part Five:  Revolutionary Solution – How is change actually going to come? With all the problems the world faces, how do you begin to tackle the situation facing humanity? Political action? Military action? Surprisingly, Jesus had a very simple method to changing the world. It is revolutionary at its core, and it’s not the method most of us would naturally choose. Are you ready to discover, and even become part of, God’s solution?

Service times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters 72 Commerce Drive Barrie

If you want to give to any of the causes in Revolutionary Love, do so this Sunday.  We announce the results Wednesday during our Christmas Eve Services

Join us for one of three identical Christmas Eve services on December 24th as we wrap up our Revolutionary Love series with a powerful celebration of Christmas. Join us at:
•    3:30 p.m. at Harriett Todd Public School, Orillia
•    5:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. at Emma King Elementary School, Barrie

Andy Walker will lead worship at all three venues, and each service features a live Christmas Eve message by Carey Nieuwhof.  Make sure to bring your family and friends.  Childcare is available for children three and under at the 3:30pm and 5:30pm services. We are unable to provide childcare for the 7:00pm service.

Can't wait for Sunday!  See you then!


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