This Weekend @ Connexus

I'm afraid to even say it…but the forecast for Sunday looks great.  No freezing rain…no snow…no monsoons…just…well, nice weather.  That would be an incredible change, and one that would make it just so much easier and maybe even more fun!

Good thing too…because I think we're right in the midst of a series that has already got people talking.  The series is Authentic.  It start
ed in Barrie last weekend and moves to Orillia this weekend.  You won't want to miss the conversation about what the church we all really long for could be.   

Orillia Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 |Authentic | Part One: Inauthentic
They are your friends, family, children and colleagues.  They are under
30 and despite what you think, they actually are spiritually curious. 
They just don’t think the church can help.

Join us as Shauna
Simmonds – a twenty-something who specializes in youth culture and
spirituality – and Carey Nieuwhof talk about the challenges and
incredible opportunities to reach people under 30. You hold the key to
welcoming them back into your life and the church.

Barrie Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 | Authentic | Part Two: Imagine

Imagine being part of a community that really is authentic.  Imagine
being able to build into other people’s lives and have people build
into yours in a way that brings positive, lasting impact.  How do you
realize that kind of transformation?  We’ll show you the key to moving
from the sidelines to the frontlines of authentic, transformative
relationships this weekend.   Carey
Nieuwhof leads us through part two of Authentic.

Can't wait to see you there Sunday!

P.S. We continue to be encouraged by story after story we hear of people inviting their friends who don't go to church, who in turn bring others, who in turn…well you know.  One day we'll look back on all this and realize how much was actually at stake, and we'll be so thankful we invited who we invited!

– Carey


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