This Weekend @ Connexus

So excited to see what God is doing over the last month here at Connexus.  I LOVE the dialogue that's developing among Connexus folk and our friends who are still curious about Jesus.  Some of it is spilling over to the blog, and much is happening in neighbourhoods and over coffee and lunch.  Thank you for investing in your friends.  Thanks for being passionate about Jesus.

Excited about this weekend. So grateful that we get to do this every seven days! Here's what's up:

Orillia Campus | April 20th 2008 |8:30 and 10:00 a.m.
Jesus the Guru: Part Four — The Missing Peace
all the world religions, Christianity offers something that no other
religion really offers: forgiveness, made possible not by human effort,
but by divine grace.  Not karma, not reincarnation, but forgiveness.
Why is that, and what does it mean? Join us for a discussion that we
hope will go beyond enlightening and become life-changing.

Barrie Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.
Jesus the Guru: Part Five – Jesus the Guru

is an incredible teacher. But if you are attracted to His teachings,
how do you integrate them into your life?  Why are so many people
attracted to Jesus but fail to become like Him?  What do you need to do
to get to know Jesus, and what do followers of Jesus need to change to
have a better integration of their faith with life?  Join us this
weekend as we explore these questions in detail.

Really looking forward to what God is going to accomplish in our lives.


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