This Weekend @ Connexus

We're looking forward to a great weekend this weekend.  Be careful on the roads, but I hope you won't miss what's going on at both campuses this weekend.  Bring the family on this family day weekend…I think you'll all come home with something to talk about and to live out.

Orillia Campus | Sunday, February 17th 2008

wrap up H-Bomb by imagining what it could be like to have a life more
free of hypocrisy than you ever dreamed, and then talking about exactly
how to get there.  Carey Nieuwhof will share parts of his personal
struggle and journey in this area, and point the way to peace.


God wants so much to bring about an emotional and spiritual healing
in your life.  This weekend, we'll look at life as it will be when God
has finally brought His peace to your home.  Just imagine for a second
life without the things that have haunted you to this point, and I
think you'll agree it's a life we all deeply want to experience.  The
message is called "Peace".

Barrie Campus | Sunday, February 17th 2008

We launch a brand new series called "Authentic" — all about what it takes to reach the most unchurched generation in centuries. And it's more than academic.

are your friends, family, children and colleagues.  They are under 30
and despite what you think, they actually are spiritually curious. 
They just don’t think the church can help. Join us as Shauna Simmonds –
a twenty-something who specializes in youth culture and spirituality –
and Carey Nieuwhof talk about what people under 30 are looking for in a
relationship with God and the church.  Maybe it's a time for all of us
to become more authentic

At either campus, it's a great opportunity to bring your friends.  Can't wait to see you!


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