The Most Important Thing

–>How do you boil the launch of a church down to one thing that is most important?

I thought about what to tell you the most important thing was this weekend.  Candidates for the one thing included: that I could preach a crazily good message. That the music would kick. That we would be authentic and real, and everyone would feel they could be themselves. That the service would flow smoothly from a technical perspective. That we got the "churchiness" out of our system so that people could walk in and have a fresh encounter with God and each other (I like that one).  That we treat people as they want to be treated: respecting anonymity among those who join us and want to be anonymous, and yet also reach out with an open heart to those who are ready to be greeted and welcomes. 

More candidates: that the friends we invited would actually come. That the kids love it so much they drag their parents back next week, and the parents love it so much they drag their kids back. 

But none of these really are the most important thing. As much as I hope all of the stuff above happens, and we'll be doing all we can to ensure it does,  I think the most important thing is this:  for us to pray for God to move in everyone's heart.  That's it.

See, we can create amazing environments, but if God doesn't move — they're not worth the wood, fabric, paper and sweat they're made of.  The music can rock and the preacher can be engaging, entertaining and eloquent, but if God doesn't move, you might as well just bring an iPod and read the phone book.

When God moves in people's hearts, history gets made.  Cynics become freed.  Sadness gets trumped by hope.  Environments become irresistible because God is there. 

When God moves in people's hearts — everyone's heart (yours and mine too) — movements are born.  People change.  Communities change.  Nations change. 

So pray.  Pray that God would move.  That's it.  Because from that, every other good thing (and there are so many great things) gains its meaning and purpose.



  1. Doris Schuster says, November 30, 2007 at 9:10 am

    Yes, "people will change, the community will change and the nation will change".

    Connexus Community Church is going to be part of a huge "move of God" in our nation. It's going to be part of a revival that many people, and entire ministries, have been praying for this decade. There's so much room for growth — spiritual growth — among Canadians and we're helping to provide an environment for that to happen. But God will move to actually make revival happen and to bring his people back to Him.

    Coincidentally, we actually briefly talked about revival in our small group last night!

    Praying that God will move hearts…

  2. Rich says, November 30, 2007 at 9:58 am

    Might I pray something else for you guys this weekend?

    That, in addition to God moving your hearts, that you would move GOD'S heart. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Sundays is that when we bring our worship before God (okay, that's a 24/7 thing, also–but when we do it corporately) it actually affects him. Emotionally. Like, God gets worked up over it. Isn't that amazing!!

    Your team is creating environments for little kids and really old adults and everyone in between to affect the heart of God!!

    I think it was Steve Sjogren that first helped me see… we do this not because people need to know God, but because God deserves and DESIRES their worship.

    So, when you guys are standing in the back of the room or behind stage on Sunday, and you hear all those voices singing, and you start to get choked up—dude, just imagine how GOD is feeling!

    I am so pumped for what's going on up there, and pray for you guys constantly. Rock on!

  3. Doris Schuster says, December 1, 2007 at 8:32 am

    Thank you, Rich, for bringing up that very important point. God certainly does deserve our praise and worship. He has done so much for us and He continues to do more every day!

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