The Kind of Place Where Hope Lives

This is not exactly a time when a lot of hope abounds around us.  The economic news doesn't seem to be getting better yet, and a long winter hardly makes people happy.

What I love about being part of this community – and what I love about being a Christ-follower – is that hope can be found regardless of circumstances.  And this week again we saw lots of evidence that you are doing incredible things and God is alive and working in our midst.  

Here's where I'm seeing hope because of what you are doing to make Connexus the kind of place that people from any background can come to:
  • You're inviting friends out.  We've had an abundance of encouraging feedback on the Orange Family series so far, not just from our regulars, but from your friends.  You are inviting friends out and they keep telling us that God is using that to impact lives!  Our welcome cards continue to tell us the #1 way people get to Connexus is through the personal invitation from a friend. Thanks for sharing the hope that is in you!
  • We had a record number of kids out last weekend.  Over 200 kids showed up Sunday.  Amazing! Our adult crowd continues to grow month by month too.  
  • We're seeing people step up to volunteer every month.  By serving, you grow plus you change lives.  Want to help?  Let Julia know at 705.721.9090!  I think it's fantastic that so many people give so meaningfully.  
  • Even though times are tough economically, Sunday marked the first time in 2009 that we surpassed our target giving for the week!  Thank you for your generosity.  As you continue to give, the gap between what we needed to start the year and what you are giving continues to shrink.  You're changing lives!   
  • Connexus is ready to grow this week – into a third campus.  Our Muskoka campus launches Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Rene Caisse Theater in Bracebridge.  Tell your friends in Muskoka and pray for us as we bring the hope of Christ to a whole new region.     
  • Fifteen months into the life of Connexus, volunteers are still serving with smiles and enthusiasm. You are amazing!  A colleague of mine came in from out of town this weekend.  He was blown away by the level of commitment and enthusiasm he saw!  
  • You're inviting friends out in record numbers. This Orange Family series will probably be our best attended series so far at Connexus. Great response so far – and we're only half way through!  At the end of it all, what we really want to do is to equip parents and children to win at home.  

So, I'm not writing to do anything more than to say thank you for being the kind of community that offers the hope of Christ in tough times.  Your dedication, enthusiasm and passion for seeing Christ impact lives is changing the landscape in meaningful ways.

So proud of you!  And so grateful to God!  Can't wait to see us grow into our third campus Sunday night!

–  Carey



  1. JP says, March 3, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Great post Carey,

    Being part of the Muskoka crowd I can say that we too are very excited about this coming weekend.

    I am also very great full for all the people that invest their time and energy into this thing called Connexus.

    When you look at the results that you've posted here it makes me realize that these are only the ones that we can see. It doesn't even count the ones that we can't see.

    Giving people hope, it's an amazing gift that at the end of the day we all want a piece of. I don't want to sound exclusive here and I don't mean it that way at all but, I'm so great full that the people of our Connexus community have that written on their hearts.

    It's a pleasure to serve with all of you for His purpose.

  2. Joey says, March 4, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Hope! That is one of the best things about being a Christian (among many!). We can have hope in very dark places.

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