The Difference You’re Making

Every week, hundreds of people pray, serve, give and invite friends to be part of what God is doing at Connexus.

I really wish you could sit where I'm sitting some days and see the impact your effort is having.  So many of the stories are personal that I can't share them.  But you need to know you're making a difference.  So here are just a sampling of comments I've culled from our Facebook wall.  I hope they encourage you:

This is from Marnie who attends UpStreet (no editing in any of these quotes…the way they are written is just so authentic):

i go to the connexus church i think that it is a good church because i go in to upstreet and that is where the grad 1 to grad 5 it rocks u wound love to come it is so fun we play games and more and we talk about jesus christ so that i what u do and it is on ever sunday come it is fun to have u around so come 🙂

From Justin, who recently celebrated a year of being part of our Barrie Campus:

It's been One year for me at Connexus, and I would Like to thank all of the wonderful people I have met. Thank you for creating an environment where someone who didn't know about Jesus and Christianity could come and learn what it's like to have a growing relationship with Him. The way Carey relates the bible and the messages Jesus gave to us so long ago in a way that speaks directly to me in my everyday life now, has really opened my eyes and heart to something that's always been missing. ” Was blind, but now I see”.

From Allana who is part of our Orillia Campus:

I recently started going to the service in Orillia & watchin' (Carey) online… and I am stoked to have finally found a church that I feel comfortable, myself at. It's definitely been something I've struggled with as a Christian this past few years… I am spreadin' the word like mad about how truly amazing Connexus is. I love how relaxed, and open the whole enviroment is.. this is truly the kinda place that is gonna reach and impact this new generation, and future generations to come. So blessed to have had this soul changing expeirence, and been connected back with the Lord on a much deeper level than ever before. 🙂

From Tony:

Connexus Community Church ROCKS..This is the best place to be on a sunday..Id reather be there, than any other place on earth..Thank you Jesus Christ for Connexus.

You can read more yourself on our Facebook page here…or add your own story.

In the meantime, just know God is using you to make a difference.  Thank you.

– Carey


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