The 24 Day Devotion Day 13 – The Fate We All Share

by Marja Nieuwhof, Barrie Campus, Finance Team & Guest Services Volunteer

Welcome to Day 13 of the 24 Day Devotion. So glad you’re joining us! Each day for 24 days as a church, we’re going to read one chapter of the Gospel of Luke and post a devotion on it.

If you’ve never read the Bible, we’re so glad you’re joining us. And if you read the Bible, we hope this helps you grow in your faith.

Need to catch up?  Start at Luke 1 – Is The New Testament A Lie? and follow along.  Today’s devotion is below.


READ Luke 13


In the first part of Chapter 13, Jesus speaks and asks the question of why some people were murdered as they were offering sacrifices and why some died when a Tower collapsed on them. The first group were attending Temple worship, a good thing right? The next group are totally innocent bystanders and were in the wrong place at the wrong time so it seems.

As we look around our world, we are seeing these very same things happening. Is it because the people dying were worse sinners than all the other people around them?

Jesus’ answers this question by stating “Not at all” (Luke 13:3).

Jesus dismissed the idea that accidents or human cruelties were God’s judgement on especially bad sinners. Everyone has to die and then Jesus pointed to everyone’s need to “repent of your sins and turn to God” (Luke 13:5).

No matter how or when it occurs, death is not the end and Jesus lovingly warns us that the time is coming. Jesus is giving us an opportunity to choose to be ready and to follow him. Best news ever you think?


Jesus promises that those who believe in him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)


Even though the headlines around me are, and could be, depressing, knowing that Jesus has died for my sins and the sins of the world brings peace and joy in my life. Every day is a gift to be used wisely for his glory.


Dear Jesus, I pray that many may come to know you as their Saviour and truly experience the peace and joy that you bring into their lives.


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