Thanks – We’re Struggling Together

Thank you so much for breaking the silence.

It's been great to hear from some of you on your devotional life and what God is doing with you personally.  It's a relief just to hear where we're honestly at, isn't it? You can read the comments here and some other ones here. I would love to hear more stories…so post away.   

In the meantime, let me share some of my struggles and lessons:

  1. I have to prioritize prayer and scripture reading every single day.  I'm tempted most days not to do it.  Wish that wasn't true.  But it's true.
  2. Confession is a discipline.  Asking for things isn't. Time can slip by quickly when every sentence begins with "And Lord, please…".  It's much harder when I start a sentence with "God, how would you change me when it comes to…"
  3. I would be a different person if I truly came to God daily asking Him to change me.  Mostly, I ask God to change or ask Him to change my circumstances.
  4. If I rested in God, I would be at peace.
  5. The best shot I have of overcoming my innate selfishness is daily submission to Christ and to his teachings.
  6. The purpose of spending time with God is not to do our ‘duty', but to enter into a relationship whose foundation is love.  God really does love me (and you).  If I entered that reality every day, people would line up to know what I was on.

That's me. Love to hear from more of you. 

– Carey



  1. Matthew Chaloux says, April 3, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    This is not so much a comment on the most current blog but something I thought I'd share. I'm sure you have had many other comments about them, but the podcasts are great! My wife and I moved to Toronto for school, and finding another church here is time consuming – there are a lot of options. Almost all of our time is used for schoolwork, though this is not really an excuse. Our church experience this year has been lacking, and we had no idea that connexus was posting every Sunday on iTunes… *subscribed!*

    Thanks so much for an awesome service, we really appreciate it and can't wait to come back in the summer (only a few weeks away for us).

  2. Bill Laxton says, April 5, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I struggle with just about all of the things that you have listed…daily. Some days can be so overwhelming that there are usually more than one or two of those items that I either forget or do not handle in 'right relationship' to Jesus, (let a lone those around me). But when I do this one thing at the beginning of my day, the rest of it somehow comes together. That one thing is to surrender my whole self to God in Jesus' Name. I find that it works best if I do it as soon as I roll out of my bed in the morning, (lol, I roll off the bed on to my knees and leaning against the bed try to wake up enough to focus on talking simply and directly to God)…not often very easy but very effective for almost every aspect of my day.

    No, nothing works out comfortably. Quite often many things take me by surprise, (i.e.: my brother's stroke a couple weeks ago: or the 20 layoffs at work this past week), but God does ALWAYS, provide me with a means to handle and come through each and every situation – especially when I take the time to surrender to Him at the very start of my day.

    In closing, I want to share with all of you who may read this posting this anecdote: Eric Clapton, (world famous rock and blues icon and a personal music hero of mine, starts each day with his surrender to God, and finishes each day with thanks and praise to God for getting him through it. And you know what…it works!

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