Thanks – for the “not so” small stuff.

Gotta love all the snow and ice!  It's a little crazy that we convince each other to live in this climate!  I'm pretty sure there wasn't any snow in the Garden of Eden – I think living in this climate must be direct disobedience against God!  :o)

Over the last couple weekends I've see literally dozens of small things that people have done to make our environments irresistible and feel very open to people who don't normally do the church thing.  Although these actions in and of themselves were small – they speak volumes about our church.  Thank you.  Here a just a handful of the ones that saw . . .

– Members of our Orillia Volunteer team parking on the far side of the parking lot . . . leaving room for our guests near the front of the theatre. 
– Our team of "sparkies" (electricians) who have been working to help us figure out a way to safely plug everything in.  They've been working on a series of different solutions behind the scenes.   
– I saw an E-Team member working with another team of the E-Team on ensuring that everything got back in the right box.  This sort of "hands on" training is what is going to be needed as we go forward.
– I overheard a member of our Host team talking to new family on Sunday about UpStreet – while walking them to check in.  The great thing about this is that this Host team member left their post to make this first time guest feel totally confident in the experience.
– Last night at InsideOut I got a call from a member of our video team who had been at church at 6 am to help us unload.  This individual was calling wanting to know if we needed help packing up stuff at InsideOut.  What a great gesture – even though he wasn't scheduled to help he wanted make sure that we had enough help! 
– I was so impressed with many of our musicians who pitch in and help with tear down.  Instead of letting the "roadies" put everything away – they just pitch in and do what needs to be done.
– A team that most people don't get a chance to see is our finance team.  They are working in the background in a series of issues to ensure that everything is running along smoothly!

Thank you so much.  There are many more that I could list – the spirit of the people of Connexus is so generous and "others centered"!

What about you?  What "small" things did you see that are having "big" impact?

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church



  1. Doris Schuster says, December 3, 2007 at 11:56 am

    I was going to write about two of my observations about Sunday anyways. Since Carey actually invited us to write about them, I will add them to the Connexus Blog.
    • First, this Sunday I noticed that many of the youth that were in our small groups last year and that are now in High School are serving somehow at Connexus. I was so amazed when I kept seeing more and more of our last year's kids show up here and there to "serve" in various ways (Stephen, Alyssa, Kayla, Emilie, the other Emilie, Daniel, Jacob, Samantha, Becca, Colton, Josh). There are probably many more that I don't even know about… It was so good to see that! Thank you to all of you and I hope you continue to come out.
    • Secondly, a lady with a young girl ran into me when we were rolling the containers out of the lobby and she asked me “what is this all about”. She was bringing her daughter to the movies. I told her that we are just moving our “church” back out and that we will be there every week from now on. Then I invited her to come next week. A couple of minutes later, she came back to talk to me again, asking me “where it is” and “what it’s like”. I told her that we meet right in the theatres and we just try to teach people about God and Jesus. Then I told her about all the exciting kids environments and the adult service, all with good music and good messages for all ages. Her eyes began to light up and she asked “how much does it cost?” Naturally, I told her “nothing, just come 15 minutes early to register your child at the kid’s area and head for theatre 12 afterwards. You will all enjoy it.” Her last question was “what kind of church is it?” and I replied “non-denominational, anyone and everyone is welcome”. She smiled. I decided to give her the hand-outs from the morning service that I had just found lying around the foyer a couple of minutes prior to all this. She smiled again, told me her name, shook my hand and left. What a neat opportunity to invite a stranger to church!! There was nothing to it. The conversation was so easy…

  2. Tim L. Walker says, December 3, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    This isn't a "small" thing, but none of this would have come together without YOU, Rich – and you had a HUGE impact on the entire operation. It seemed like you were in 10 places at once, helping everyone in all the environments. Without your organization and guidance, the successes of the weekend would never have happened.

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