Team Members of the Week: Leslie Cox & Henry VanBoxtel

Again we want to take a chance to thank a few members of our volunteer
team at Connexus.  There are so many people that are helping in so many
ways!  We are thankful for them stepping up and helping us to launch
the kind of church we can invite our friends and family to.  Thank you
so much!

Lesley Cox (Orillia)
Lesley is one of those team members that seems to serve on everyone's team!  We had multiple nominations for her from a couple different areas at Connexus.  She arrives early on Sunday mornings and helps with the Eteam – she is one of the many people on our ETeam that have been serving virtually every weekend since launch!  She then changes hats and helps with the check in team – welcoming families into our environments.  Then once people are checked in she switches over and is a small group leader with our grade five kids.

So today we name Lesley "Ms. Stretch" for her incredible flexibility in serving so many people at Connexus.  Thanks so much for all your help Lesley!

Henry VanBoxtel (Barrie)
Henry has been a key leader in our community for quiet a while.   He serves as member of our small group leadership team where he helps provide oversight to this critical area of our mission.  He also serves as a group leader for our most southern Community Group.  (Don't get too excited it's not in Florida!)  Henry is also a part of our ETeam in Barrie in – where he serves as a lynch pin because his passion and understanding of our systems. 

Thanks so much Henry for serving at Connexus.  Today, we dub you "King Henry the First" for your service at Connexus.

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church

p.s. If you have ideas for Team Member of the week – pass them along to me.  (Plus pass along a photo of them too!)


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  1. Stephanie says, March 7, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Woohoo Lesley! You are awesome 🙂

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