Team Members of the Week: Ron Hooft & Marcel Chaloux

We've decided to make a shift in our "Team Member of the Week" posts.  We have had such an overwhelming response from people that we're going to feature one person from each campus each week.  Thanks so much for your submissions (to me via email) of Team Members of Week – keep 'em coming!  (Ron moves so fast that I don't have a picture of him – if you have one – email it to me!)

Barrie – Ron Hooft
Ron has been "anchored" in our music teams as a great bass player.  But it doesn't fully describe all that he's up to when we just talk about his great musical talents because he has helped in a number of ways at Connexus.  It's not the volume of "work" that Ron does at Connexus that multiple people commented on about Ron – it's his attitude.  Ron has the ability to approach whatever he's doing – whether it's flying the line array, playing bass, or helping with another project – with an incredible sense of passion, and positivity.  People love being around you Ron!  Thanks for serving!

So today we name Ron the "Best Bass in the Place" for all his help in so many different ways with such a positive attitude!

Orillia – Marcel Chaloux
Marcel has been a part of the small but incredibly decided team of volunteers that sorted out all of our electrical problems at both of our campuses.  This is probably one of those areas that lots of people don't even think about but is a critical "backbone" to us hosting irresistible environments.  Over the Christmas break Marcel spent hours working to pull together these snazzy rolling electrical panels that mean we aren't blowing fuses and that our power is evenly distributed.  But Marcel isn't satisfied to just say "the job is done" he has been working these last number of weeks on Sunday morning to ensure that the power is implemented really well.  Marcel – you are such a servant!

As way to honour Marcel today we crown him "Prince of the Power" because he has served regally to help us in this area.

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church


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