Team Members of the Week – the Sabos and the Jermeys

I'm pinch hitting for Rich Birch today.  Rich is on his way home from a well deserved week of holidays with his family where there's not nearly as much snow.  Nice!

So it's my privilege to introduce the team members of the week.  This week, we're thanking two families that serve together unbelievably well week in, week out. This was a total surprise to us.  I think we imagined adults serving…but entire families?  That blew us away.

Our staff is just amazed at the dedication of these families who get their entire household up at ungodly hours to do incredibly godly work.

Orillia: Ross, Jennifer, Derek and Colin Jermey
Every Sunday morning, the Jermeys get up long before the sun and Ross and his sons head over to our Orillia trailer site to get the trailers ready for our drivers, ensuring the trailers arrive at our Orillia campus by 6 a.m. sharp.  But that just begins the day.  They serve on e-teams and help get our environments fueled to perfection.  Colin helps out with sound and lights, as does Derek. 

Jen's a dynamo, and is one of those team members who can stick handle through just about anything.  She set up computerized registration for Upstreet and Waumba at our Orillia campus, volunteers in small group ministry and in our office (and is currently pinch hitting for Cindy a couple days a week while Cindy recovers).

If there's one phrase that describes the Jermeys it's "willingness to help".  If they see a need, they'll always pitch in.  And every single time, they thank you for the opportunity.  If you know them, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Barrie: The Sabo Family
Lewis and Anna Sabo have taught their family the value of serving in phenomenal ways.   Their youngest son, Simon, was the first person to roll a case off the first Connexus trailer back in November 07…and that led the way for their family.  Simon's sister Victoria, brothers Jacob and Dylan, and mom and dad are there week in week out getting our Barrie campus set up — with smiles on their face.

The Sabos are also synonymous with Xtreme and InsideOut.  Lewis is our campus point person for Xtreme. Jacob leads in Waumba Land.  Victoria and Anna are always there helping out in whatever way they can in multiple roles. You've just got to see their incredible dedication to believe it.

I have watched the Sabos retreat to their van to grab packed lunches for the whole family as they serve in ministry — they hang in there as long as anyone, sometimes longer.

I think we have a lot to learn about being a family from the Sabos and the Jermeys!  Guys — you rock, and this week, we thank our God for you and applaud you!

– Carey



  1. Shawna Lester says, February 22, 2008 at 9:44 am

    These two families are beyond belief!! I have always loved the example they set in what family ministry means. This truly is what being "orange" is all about. Jacob Sabo and Colin Jeremy in particular for me are a key to the success of the Upstreet and Waumbaland ministry, they do a fantastic job!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Thanks for giving your all for the kingdom!!!

  2. Stephanie says, February 22, 2008 at 11:26 am

    I have the pleasure to serve with many of the Sabo's and they are incredible! Way to go guys 🙂

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