Team Members of the Week: Gary Greidanus & Adam Walker

Again we want to take a chance to thank a few members of our volunteer team at Connexus.  There are so many people that are helping in so many ways!  We are thankful for them stepping up and helping us to launch the kind of church we can invite our friends and family to.  Thank you so much!

Barrie: Gary Greidanus
The folks that have worked with Gary love his warm spirit and his "get it done" attitude!  Gary drives about 60 km every Sunday morning to serve at our Barrie campus within our xTreme (Grade 6-8) environment.  His knowledge of the staging and overall set up in that room are invaluable.  We couldn't do it without Gary!

So today we knight Gary "Sir Setsupstage-alot" for braving the weather and the 400 week after week to ensure that our students in Barrie can have an irresistible environment!  Thanks Gary!

Orillia: Adam Walker
Adam Walker has been serving on our drive team since the very beginning of Connexus.  He has driven our trailers so many times – we lost count!  Adam serves during the week in helping us with all kinds of truck related issues . . . in fact we've parked the four trailers for Orillia in his front yard!  Thank-you so much Adam!

Without any more delay we name Adam "King of Road Warriors" for all his help driving and for his first rate attitude!

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church

p.s. Since we have a little bit of a "driving theme" this week to our Team Member of the Week – why not help us with our Truck Driving Team?  Email Brian Hughes for more information:  [email protected]


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