Sunday Brain Dump

Hey friends!

It's Sunday Brain Dump time again . . . a couple things I noticed as I spent time with our community.

It started on Saturday night… We hosted another successful GroupLink.  If you don't know what GroupLink is . . . you've been living under a rock!  It's our best "next step" into community at Connexus!  It was so energizing to sit back and see dozens of people get plugged into Community Groups again.  Our Groups Leadership team did a bang up job.  If you aren't in a Community Group – you aren't really experiencing Connexus.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next GroupLink – it's just around the corner.

I took a couple photos as I wandered around our Barrie Campus.  Come see what I saw . . .


As a special treat today in Barrie (and last week in Orillia) our Eteams have been greeted by Steel Drum Hu greeting them with the warm sounds of the islands!  We also gave them some little presents as thank-you to these teams.  Thanks Hu!  And thank you Eteams!  (BTW if you are looking for a steel drum player for an event contact Hu – he goes to Connexus and is a really great guy!)


Ok . . . So What is this photo of?  It's a couple baby dolls, and a small rabbit waiting for kids to arrive in Waumbaland.  It's also a fun shot of our floor that our volunteers lay every Sunday.  We lay hundreds of square feet of this cool "hardwood" floor every week to make sure our little ones feel great about Connexus!


Speaking of floors . . . here is a couple of our guys from our Eteams setting up the stage in the adult theatre.   I love these guys.  They work hard making sure that this is hauled in from the trailers and that it's set up . . . and the follow through to the final placing of set pieces and carpet to make sure it all looks just perfect.   Thanks friends!


This shot shows a couple of our video team members at work during the 8:30 am service.  Because of this group of a half a dozen or so volunteers every Sunday we are able to export our teaching to Orillia and to the Internet.  Thanks guys!

It was another great morning at Connexus!  Thanks for allowing me to be apart of it.  It was also great to have the chance to speak – if you have any feedback on it please pass it my way.  I had a couple people ask me about some of the stories I shared from Africa.  Here are a couple links to my personal vlog from last June from Africa during the trip if you want to see a little bit more about those experiences:
After spending a night in the community.
At church in Zambia . . . incredible.
In the community I talked about with the plastic bag soccer ball . . .
Proof that white people can't dance . . . dancing with kids in South Africa.

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church



  1. Stephanie says, April 27, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Another amazing Sunday at Connexus!!! Thanks for the message Rich- as an environmentally minded person it was great to see it grounded in scripture- I'm excited for next week.

    I've never heard you preach before- you were so natural and I loved the Disney reference! Can't wait to see that movie 😉 Great job!!!

  2. Joan says, April 28, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Yes, terrific Sunday Rich! What a wonderful feeling it was to walk into that awesome music from Hu. You sure forgot about that alarm that went off so early in the morning! Didn't feel tired for a second.
    Message was super. Love how those "coincidences" happen. The day beforeI had just written down and had lots of thoughts on Proverbs 13:7!
    Thanks for a great day.

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