Stories to Kick off This Weekend @ Connexus | August 3rd

I met a guy last weekend in Barrie who came for the first time.  They had just moved to the area.  His wife and son liked church, and often went.  But he had a different story.  That was their deal. But they had just moved to Barrie and he agree to "try" church to be supportive. 

After his wife and daughter walked away, he leaned in and told me "I haven't gone to church in twenty years. I hate church."  I smiled sympathetically, because I've met so many guys like him.  Then he said "But I loved this morning.  The music was so great.  The message was so helpful. I'm coming back.  I can't believe I finally found a church I actually could imagine attending.  How can I get involved?"  I just thanked God for the opportunity to do what we do.

I met one of our Orillia couples this week.  They invited another twenty something couple a few months back.  Now they are both a part of what's happening regularly at Connexus.  That's just exciting.

That's what we're about:  a place you can invite your friends to. Because they also need a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  This would be the perfect weekend to bring someone along.

Last weekend in Barrie we kicked off our summer
series: Stairway to Heaven| Highway to Hell this week we are continuing
on with part two.  In Orillia, I'm pumped that we get to bring part one.
You n, so please bring your friends and family and join us as we explore heaven and hell together.

Here's this weekend sneak peek:


"Stairway to Heaven| Highway to Hell"

Part Two: More than Clouds and Cream Cheese

Everybody's got an idea of what heaven looks like, and everybody thinks everyone they care about is going to be there. What's the truth about Heaven? What's it really like, and who gets to go?

Service times: 8:30 am and 10:00 am

Galaxy Cinemas 72 Commerce Drive Barrie


"Stairway to Heaven| Highway to Hell"

Part One: Death Becomes Me

While it's not polite to talk about it, nothing helps us better come to terms with the meaning of life than facing the reality of our deaths. If you got a clearer understanding of your life and death, would it cause you to live differently? How would you face death, and how might you embrace life? Join us as we look at what life and death really mean for us in the light of Jesus' life and death.

Service times: 8:30 am and 10:00 am

Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.


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