Something to Celebrate

Easter weekend 2011 was one to remember for a long time.  If you missed it, you can catch the message portion here. Thank you to all of you who invited friends, who served and who gave to bring about what I can only describe as a very rewarding time.

Over 80 people stood in response to Easter Sunday's message.  I have no idea who they were or what their standing signified, but I do know this:

Some of them began a relationship with Jesus that morning.

Whole families stood.

I saw a mom standing with her teenage daughter

Couples stood together

This week I'm praying for everyone who stood and for everyone who attended.  Over 750 adults joined us Easter Sunday morning in our services and over 1250 adults joined us over the course of the weekend (plus all the kids, student and volunteers).  Some of my favourite conversations from the weekend:

People who told me this was their very first Easter or Good Friday ever as a Christian

Families who brought friends for the first time

People who told me they finally understood what Good Friday and Easter were about

Someone who said that Christmas finally made sense because Easter helped them understand why

While we'll announce some totals on April 8th, I also want to thank the families who are responding to Thrive.  We've seen people respond in very powerful ways over the last few weeks.  Incredible…and if you haven't participated yet, please do.  There's still more time.  Could you imagine what would happen if every family decided to live on mission?

What are some favourite moments for you this past Easter weekend?  What are you thankful for?

– Carey



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