Something (Important) to Do on March Break

So what are you doing on March break?  Whether you're taking off somewhere warm, heading to the ski hills or hanging around the house, we have something that can enrich the time you spend together as a family.

If you've got kids in Waumba Land (our preschool environment) or Upstreet (our grade 1-5 environment), then last week you received your monthly Parent Cue pack. (If you missed Sunday, grab one this weekend at our campuses.)

The idea behind the packs is to help you as a parents start conversations with your kids about faith and character.  Almost every parent knows that these issues are important.  The trouble is we just don't know how to have those conversations.  That's what Parent Cue is designed to help with.

Whether it's using the big placemat we hand out in Waumba Land or opening the Upstreet Parent Cue box and using the God Time cards or other resources in it, we've designed it to make it easy to have conversations all month long (every month – we'll hand out a new pack in April).

So, next week is a perfect time to dive in and make the kind of investment in your child you know you're going to be glad you did down the road.

We go like crazy every weekend to make Sunday an incredible hour in your child's life, but hands down, YOU as a parent are the biggest influence in your child's life. ParentCue is designed to help you leverage that influence spiritually. Together, we can do more than we ever could apart from each other.

Oh…and we even included a short CD podcast I did for you as parents to help us focus our priorities on what matters most.

Enjoy March Break and we hope Parent Cue helps you increase the quantity of quality time you spend together as a family!

– Carey


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