Some Really Practical Help Just When You Needed It…

I'm loving the I Wish series! It continues this weekend at our campuses with a fresh look at how to determine God's will for your life and why God hasn't yet put a stop to evil.

But I love how you are trying to apply what we've learned.  Last week someone stopped me and said he was going to read more of his bible but forgot the website I mentioned in Part 2 of I Wish. We had some fun chatting and went one better than a website (in my opinion).  He took out his smart phone and downloaded the YouVersion app right there in the foyer.

I use the YouVersion app for my personal bible study.  I love it.  It has almost every imaginable English translation of the Bible and much more.  Best of all, it's free.  You can read YouVersion for free in your browser too.

For my message preparation, I use (mostly because my browser is open anyway when I'm writing my message).  It has every major English translation as well (and other languages) and is a great study tool.  And, yep, it's free too.

So I hope this will help you read the Bible more regularly, because it is, after all, how we hear from God directly.

As to this coming weekend, I wish every person under the age of 30 could hear what we're going to talk about in I Wish part four.  Plus we're granting more wishes!  Don't miss it.  And bring a friend!

Here are the details for this Sunday's services ::

Barrie | Galaxy Cinema – 72 Commerce Park Dr. Barrie | 8.30 & 10.00am

Part Four:  I Wish God Would Show Me the Purpose of My Life :: Carey Nieuwhof
So how do I know what God wants me to do with my life?  I pray…I ask…but I never seem to get an answer.  How can I live on mission if I don’t know what my mission is?

Orillia | Galaxy Cinema – 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia | 8.30 & 10.00am (Children’s programs offered at 10.00am)

Part Three:  I Wish God Would Put an End to Evil :: Carey Nieuwhof
If God is good, why is there evil?  And regardless of how evil might have begun, if God is all powerful, why doesn’t he just end it now?  Those are great questions, and the bible offers a fascinating answer.

Baptism on the Lake | Are you coming Friday, August 12?

Join us this Friday, August 12 for an incredible opportunity to witness more than 20 people publicly declare their personal decision to follow Christ.  Plan to be  at 2420 Bass Lake Road East by 6:30 pm  for this special celebration.  Rain or shine this event will happen, unless of course lightening rolls in!  Come dressed for the weather, bring your lawn chairs and an umbrella if necessary. It's going to be a great evening!

Finding out how to get there is as easy as scanning the QR code below.  It will upload the mapped location directly to your smartphone.  Just add your current location and your map app will layout the route for you.  Need a QR reader?  Download a free app for your smartphone right now by clicking here. Reading this on your smartphone?  Just click on the QR code and the map will automatically load.


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