Some Great Stories…What’s Yours?

Over the Easter Weekend, we had a chance to share Good Friday and Easter with almost 1300 people between our campuses. 

What's exciting us is not just that people are coming, but who is coming. I had numerous conversations over the weekend and early part of this week with people who brought friends with them.  I talked to one guy in his thirties who hadn't been to church seriously in years and who had pretty much given up on it.  But he was invited to our Barrie campus and the tattoo artist, the music and the message apparently made a deep impact.  He simply said for the first time, he wants to come back to church.  I'm so grateful.

Heard another story about a twenty something who was invited to come along and who had become pretty jaded about church. He not only came, he said he'd be back.  We had incredible feedback about Good Friday in Orillia and in Barrie.  I honestly believe that God is moving.

People aren't actually done with Jesus – they just concluded the church couldn't help them.  I love that at Connexus we have hundred and hundreds of people who want to change that.

I'm hoping as Jesus the Guru launches this weekend in Orillia and moves to part two in Barrie that we'll hear these stories repeated over and over again.  Please, invite your friends (if you want a sneak peak, you can catch part one of the series here or download the videocast or audio podcast off iTunes).

There are literally thousands of people at our doorstep who would change their minds about God and step into a relationship with Jesus if someone invited them into a relevant environment.  There are thousands of more stories waiting to be written.

Thanks.  I can't wait to see what happens this weekend.  We're praying!  In the meantime, if you've got stories to share, we're all ears.

– Carey


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