Some Big News Tomorrow

–>So tomorrow we finally have our first real opportunity to talk face to face about the launch of Connexus.  The December 2nd Barrie launch and the December 9th Orillia launch are just six and seven weeks away, and there's so much to do in the meantime and so many ways for you to be involved.  This meeting is your chance to hear more, ask questions and to get in on the ground floor of Connexus.

As I eluded to earlier, there's a situation that developed over the course of this week that was really quite serious, but it has been amazing to see how God and many leaders are responding. Tomorrow is your chance to respond too when we get together tomorrow.  We're not quite home free yet, but I can't wait to tell the story (I'm not going to discuss it right now on the blog.)  And when we announce what's happening, I think you'll be a bit amazed.  Something unbelievable is unfolding before our eyes.  At least I've never seen anything like it in twelve years of ministry.

So make sure you are there tomorrow (Saturday the 20th) at 10:00 a.m. at the Galaxy Cinema in South Barrie (behind WalMart).  Even if you are planning to be part of the Orillia launch, we would love it if you came to the inaugural launch meeting in Barrie in light of what's been taking place this week.   

We'll serve coffee and popcorn.  We'll be in and out in 90 minutes…you are welcome to bring your family. Although the launch meeting is really targeted at adults, if you can't get childcare then the kids can eat more popcorn while we chat!  It's your call on feeding them coffee.

We have so much to do in the six weeks before launch that remains, and you finally get to see how God can use you as an indispensable part of the launch in both cities. 

It's all about leading people into a growing relationship with Christ.  And we're going to create the most relevant environments we can to accomplish that, tearing down the barriers associated with church and opening up friends and family to all that is possible in Christ.  As I've talked about the Connexus vision with numerous people I know this week who don't go to church, some of who are downright hostile to church, I'm seeing an openness in them I've not seen before.

Although I am cautious in saying what I'm going to say next, I really sense we are seeing a move of God in our midst.  Can't wait to talk about it face to face and get our team together for the first time tomorrow.

Carey Nieuwhof
[email protected]


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