Smile…We’ll Take Your Family Portrait for Free

So, when was the last time you had your family picture taken?  I know, you meant to do it this past summer but, sure, it's been awhile…

Well wait no more.  As part of our Home Free family series, we're taking your family portrait.

We'll have professional photographers on site at our Barrie Campus on Sunday, September 30th and at our Orillia Campus on Sunday, October 7th.  Come a little early and we'll snap a picture of your family as you come to church.  Not married?  We'll snap one of you and your best friend or be thrilled to take your gorgeous solo shot.

You'll get them back on week four of the series (in Barrie on October 7th and Orillia on October 14th).  And they're yours to keep – no charge.

So make sure you straighten your collar and smile for the camera on your way in to the theaters in the upcoming weeks!

– Carey



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