Smile Connexus….You’re Being Filmed This Weekend

–>Here's something we never anticipated: Connexus is going to be featured in an upcoming one hour prime time special on network television as an example of a church that's reaching out in relevant ways to the next generation.

I've had a series of great conversations with a documentary film maker who has been following the birth of Connexus via our blogs.  She called me over a week ago to explain that she is working with Global TV to produce a one hour prime time special with Kevin Newman about the growth of the Canadian evangelical church (yep…we're evangelical even though we don't talk about ourselves that way, normally anyway) in an era when most churches are declining.

Anyway, over the next few months Global will be filming snippets of life at Connexus in preparation for the spring special.  It starts this weekend, December 2nd, at the Barrie site as a crew will be there to film our e-team at 6 a.m. sharp and hang with us throughout the morning to film the first Sunday at Connexus.  Should be a GREAT day on every level, and it's great to have our friends from Global there to capture it.

The crew will return from time to time over the next few months to chart our progress, and also do some interviews with our people. 

We're excited about this opportunity to tell the story of what God is doing through us.  We've done our homework, and the documentary will not be an expose or 60 Minutes style investigation, but rather will try to answer the question of why some churches are growing and reaching unlikely segments of the population while most are not.  There's a genuine curiosity and interest out there about these things.

So how does this affect you?  If you don't want to be on camera, please attend our Orillia campus this weekend.  Otherwise, just act normal.  They're here to catch the first day as it really unfolds, which is kind of exciting, because that means we'll have an archive of this special grand opening day too.

Kind of cool to see all that God is doing, isn't it?  Remember to bring your friends and family with you this weekend in Barrie as we launch publicly!  While it will still be a number of weeks until all of our full gear arrives (more will be here this weekend), we should have a wonderful weekend together.  Should be an amazing time!


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