Signs from Beyond – Can We Help You Do This?

So I have been pumped about the Signs from Beyond series for a while now, mostly because I hope it will help people in trying to nail how we actually hear from God.

All campuses are into the series now, which is great.  But too often, we walk away from services thinking this about a message: I liked it, or I didn't like it.  Now I know Connexus people never do that…which is awesome, because that's actually not why we preachers communicate.  We always try to include a "to do" in the message, because the purpose of preaching is not to inform, but to transform.

The bottom line of this series is that God's will is not normally communicated through supernatural experiences, or God directly speaking to people.  It's communicated in the Bible.  99.99% of the time, you can find the answer to the question your asking God in the scripture.  Don't believe it (and I suspect you don't)? Do the full four week journey with us.  Then weigh in.

So here are the "to dos" for our campuses this week.

Orillia and Muskoka
If you are joining us for the series in Orillia, your task is to find a Bible you like to read.  Not that you will read with your teeth clenched, but that you actually like to read.  Since God's will is about 99.9% communicated in the Bible (not through supernatural experiences), it will be the key to you discovering what God wants you to do. 

Start exploring different translations here today at Bible Gateway or at YouVersion.  All the major English translations are there, for free.  Explore, then decide which one you are going to read from daily. Or for your mobile phone, go to the iTunes app store and download YouVersion mobile.  If you're like me, you might fall in love….

What are your questions?  How can we help?  We'd love to come alongside you and help you find a Bible you LOVE to read!

So you've got a Bible you like to read and been poking through it but can't figure out how to find God's will?  This week's assignment should be fun.  

All this week, I'm doing what you're doing – reading through Romans 12 (try this link with five different English translations lined up on a page) and trying to figure out how to apply it to my life.  God's will for me is revealed in Romans 12 and dozens – maybe hundreds – of other chapters like it. 

My problem is not that I don't know God's will for me, it's that I have a lot of changing to do and prayer ahead of me so that I look more like the person described in Romans 12.  That's what God can do though – change me and change you.  Amazing.

What's striking you today as you read Romans 12?  How can we help you learn God's will and then apply it to your life?


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