Saturday Thoughts . . .

What do you think about on Saturdays?  Paying bills . . . working around the yard . . . driving the kids places . . . playing golf . . .   

The list is pretty endless.  One of the things that I think about Saturday's is "I wonder who is coming to church for the first time tomorrow."  Maybe they've never been to church before and they are coming because a friend invited them.  Maybe the last time they came was 10 years ago and they stop going because their experience was less than positive (translation: they stop going because it stunk!)   Are they worrying about it today?  Are they thinking about not coming?  I wonder what they are thinking today.

Our hope is that tomorrow (and every Sunday) people will come to church who normally don't.  If that stops happening at Connexus we'll either change or close our doors.  We are all about creating the kinds of environments where people from all spiritual background can explore Jesus.  If we end up being just a "Christian huddle" . . . we've failed.

So . . . if you are coming to Connexus for the first time tomorrow – Welcome!  If you are helping us host these environments – Thanks!

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Rich Birch
Connexus Community Church
[email protected]


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