Look what arrived today!  The final touches for our Waumba Land expansion at our Barrie Campus.   It's under wraps now…but on Sunday it will amount to 40% more space in Waumba Land at each service in Barrie.

Did you know that since February, we've had to routinely turn away families from Waumba Land (our preschool environment) at the 10:00 service because there was no room? Well, hopefully no more.  We're growing our Waumba Land space by 40% starting this weekend.  That not only means more room for your kids…but more room for your friends and they're family.  We're excited.

Over the summer, we start to optimize and reimagine the family ministry space at both campuses so that when fall hits, we'll be more ready for everyone.  Thanks to Jenn Bailey and her children's ministry team who are making a difference each week in the lives of so many families.

And we also want to say thank you to you.  Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for inviting your friends so consistently.  Thank you for investing in your kids as you try to help them grow in faith and character.

It's an exciting time at Connexus.  We'll be praying for the kids who now have room to grow at Connexus – and for their families.

– Carey


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