Revolutionary Response – Revolutionary Prayer

So today we'll share some more findings from Sunday as your shared how God is moving in your life.

We asked this question: If you could pray about one thing for your friends and family in 2009, what would it be?

To be honest, a question like that always makes me a bit nervous.  Often in Christian circles, prayer is synonymous with listing people's problems: health, worries, strife.  And to bring that to God is important (some mentioned health,and we will pray about that), but prayer is so much more than that. 

That's why we were kind of blown away by what you wanted to pray for in 2009.  Your prayer life, Connexus, is moving beyond our own tiny world and into the Kingdom of God. I think prayer exposes our values: if you want to know what's important to someone, listen to what they pray about.

Here's a sampling of what people want to pray about for 09 – and something all of us can pray about together:

  • Motivate teens to look to God for peace
  • Inspire family to actively follow Jesus.
  • That others will see that their needs can only be filled by Jesus.
  • That they would come to know God on a personal level.
  • To find peace and acceptance in the hard times we are facing. 
  • Faith.
  • To realize that it isn't hard to help others and that small things count. 
  • To know God in a real way.
  • To be more open to invite them.
  • That they would come into a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Not to be judgmental of others.
  • Love one another.  Live it!
  • To see what I'm beginning to see.
  • Don't focus on yourself. Think about how each action affects those around you.
  • To be impacted and to impact others with Jesus.
  • For my father (aged 81) to receive Jesus.
  • To give me influence in their lives.
  • Spread this love.
  • Focus on others. Unconditional love.
  • To see Christ in and through me.
  • Salvation (this simple prayer showed up on over 35 response cards).
  • That they find a place like Connexus to be a part of and bring them closer to God.
  • To be closer in love with Jesus.
  • The desire for the unchurched to go to church.
  • To find God's joy in their lives.
  • To see God's true nature.  To let go of past view.
  • Love, togetherness.
  • Trust God. Love others every moment.
  • Hope they can experience this church.
  • That they get to experience God's love. 
  • Be bold to share with friends about God and Connexus.
  • Find the meaning of life, that people are more important than possessions.

To me, your prayer reminds me of Jesus' prayer that God's kingdom would come, and God's will would be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

It will be a joy to pray with you into 2009.

This weekend – Orillia gets a chance to respond and we'll share those responses next week!

In the meantime, Amen.

– Carey


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