Revolutionary Response – How is God Changing You?

Every week at Connexus, people sacrifically serve and give to create environments where people can enter a growing relationship with Jesus.  At some point, I'm sure that every single person who has given or sacrificed for this mission has asked this question: is my contribution making a difference?  Is God actually using it to change lives?

On Sunday, we asked people at the Barrie campus: "Tell us in a few sentences how God has changed your life through the ministry at Connexus." Here's just a sample from the responses we heard on Sunday:

"From an agnostic to a believer."

"This has opened my eyes to the heart of God and his love for me."

"Best year of my life."

"My children, my husband and I like church."

"I've become a more loving, giving person.  Found Jesus."

"A chance to learn about grace all over again."

"I'm a part of something big…to share God's love."

"Challenged me to look at the selfishness in my life."

"First time here.  I'll be back."

"Opened the door to God to begin to trust him, share with others."

"Made me think that there's more to life than I thought."

"Made God accessible for me.  I have surrendered my life to him."

"He has reminded me about his unbelievable love."

"This has taught me practical lessons, to be more generous and to be concerned for those not saved."

"All members of my family have stepped up to serve."

"I know I'm not alone."

"I have given my heart and trust to God."

"God is not boring.  His word is exciting.  The more I read, the more I learn."

"To forgive."

"My husband now wants to attend."

"A place of love, stability and encouragement in a time of turmoil."

"Changed my thinking about church/purpose."

"I now have a personal and close relationship with God. "

"This new way to do church has stretched me and changed me."

"I'm aware of why I'm here."

"I've gained confidence in being a servant of God and helping non-Christians."

"It's easier to understand how God is a part of my everyday life."

"Reconnected with Christian community in a non-judgmental atmosphere."

"Feel a part of something great. Love being included in a church family."

"Family bonds are stronger."

"Take the focus off of me, and puts it on God."

"Brings us together as a family."

"Brought his truth to all places in my life."

"I now like church."

"Inspired me."

"It's about what God wants, not what you want."

"Viewing God in new and exciting ways."

"Can't wait for Sunday."

"Whole life has changed because of God and Connexus."

"Only church I am comfortable bringing friends to."

"Closer to God than ever before."

"Snapped me out of my routine."

"Want to go to church..and youth."

"Saved me from death."

"Excited about deepening my relationship with God and making it alive and real."

"Bringing back to truth to me."

"Given me amazing people in my life through InsideOut."

"The youth have shown me that God is working and that they are learning revolutionary aspects of God."

"Changed this year for Christmas.  Now want to buy for others in need."

"Working on me.  Open to hear his voice.  God is working on me through my friends at Connexus."

"Meaning in life has become clearer.  My life is not my own.  It belongs to him."

"Reach out more to others, financially and relationally."

"I live in less fear."

"Have learned so much about love."

"This ministry has opened my heart by serving."

"Allowed to step out of the boat for him."

"Free to be me and free to be accepted."

"Talking about my God more."

"Stronger love and faith than ever before."

"A chance to give back. Awesome people."

"Fantastic community…a sense of belonging."

"Made life more meaningful."

"Challenging preconceived ideas about church."

"More outward focused."

"Sponsored a little girl in Kenya who died of malaria at age 9.  Thank you for what you are doing."

And this is just a sampling of what we heard.

Every single comment has a story attached to it.  Every story is a life. 

To God, for His incredible grace, I'm so thankful.  And to all of you who make this happen week in and week out – thank you!

We'd love to hear more…what is God doing in you?

– Carey



  1. Neil Magneson says, December 19, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    God is so awesome. Exciting to get just a glimpse into how God is using Carey and the entire Connexus family to impact so many lives!
    God is stretching and changing me too and I can't wait to see what happens in year 2!!!

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