Revolutionary Assignments – Update

Well, Barrie campus, you poured love back into the community in a powerful way on Sunday.  You crammed, jammed and slammed the am(bulance) full of food and toys to give us a great kick off to Revolutionary Love in Barrie.

While we are not revealing final results until Christmas Eve, let's just say that it will be a mighty challenge to cram the ambulance fuller this coming weekend in O-town (I'm saying that mostly to get under the skin of Rich Birch. :0)).

How full was the ambulance? We're working with the Simcoe County Parademics on this assignment.  For six years, they've collected food and toys this way, and coordinator Greg Sharp (who also attend Connexus) says he's never personally seen the ambulance as full as it was last weekend at the Barrie Campus.


Thank you so much Barrie!  Orillia, it's your turn to Cram the Am this weekend (November 30th).  Let's do it!

And for Barrie Campus people (who are on to Revolutionary Assignment 2)…it's your turn to take a bite out of Malaria this weekend.  How's it going?  You can track the Connexus campaign here, donate or invite friends to do the same.  Check out the "team" rankings.  We're only two days and one campus into the Malaria Bites initiative and the Connexus Action Squad is already in the top ten teams for the Canadian Red Cross nationally.  Pour it on.

Love your generosity so far. Keep showing Jesus' love in tangible ways. Be revolutionary!

– Carey


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