Results are IN: YOU are REVOLUTIONARY Connexus!


So our goal was to express the revolutionary love of Christ in tangible ways, because God showed his love so tangibly in Jesus.  We set up four assignments.  You responded.

You've been waiting for the results.  After sharing them earlier tonight at our Christmas Eve services, we're happy to go public.  Wait no longer!

Revolutionary Assignment #1
Goal: Cram an ambulance FULL of food and toys for delivery to local families
Revolutionary Response: You gave 3,685 pounds of food | 360 Toys

Revolutionary Assignment #2
Goal: Raise $10000 to purchase 1500 mosquito nets to save two elementary schools of children in Liberia.
Revolutionary Response:  You gave $25,257 to purchase 3,608 Mosquito Nets, enough for almost 5 elementary schools in Liberia. 

Revolutionary Assignment #3
Goal:  To raise $9,250 to build a health clinic and collect jeans, socks and underwear.
Revolutionary Response: You gave $24,234 which built the entire medical clinic, medical supplies, a home, fully funded VBS, clothes and more!

Revolutionary Assignment #4
Goal:  To raise $95,000 to fund the ministry of Connexus strongly into 2009
Response:  You have given $54,610 so far.  Thank you!

In total, you have released over $104,000 in Revolutionary Love (over and above) giving!  If you missed any of these assignments and would like to donate, just drop off your donation Sunday December 28th.  The office will also be open December 29th – 31st from 9-12 in case you want to drop off a gift in person.

All we can say is WOW!  Your compassion and your love has impacted thousands of lives locally and globally in the name of Jesus.

I am so proud to be part of such a generous community.  Thank you Connexus.  Let's keep our hearts and lives wide open as we roll into 2009.  Can't wait to see what God has in store next.

Oh…and Merry Christmas!

– Carey


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