Ready to Start 2012?

It's the first Sunday services of 2012 at Connexus Church this weekend, and we're excited!  We're going to kick off the new year at both of our campuses with a message we're calling No Excuses – all about how to make progress in your life in 2012.  Plus, don't be late – our team has put together an inspiring way to start 2012!  It's a perfect Sunday to bring some friends with you!

Before we get into the details of 2012, a couple of notes on how we closed 2011:

Thrive Christmas. Let's just say you were very generous!  On Sunday, we'll announce the final total of Thrive Christmas at our services.  We're just so encouraged!

Christmas Eve. We saw over 1150 guests on Christmas Eve (that doesn't include our volunteers who served that night).  Incredible!  Will you join me in praying for everyone who joined us that night?  Many said they were coming back in 2012, and we are so hopeful that God will write a new story in their lives in 2012 (as well as ours!)

On that note, here's the video we showed Christmas Eve to highlight just a few of the lives God changed in 2011.  I hope it inspires you the same way that inspires me:

So, you ready for 2012?  Here's what we're talking about at both of our campuses this Sunday

No Excuses :: Carey Nieuwhof

Why is it so hard to make progress on the things that are important to you? As we start another year, you’ve got things you want to accomplish spiritually, health wise, financially and in your family. But it’s just hard to make progress. What if you could figure out why that is? This week, we at a moment in Jesus’ life that shows us one significant key to progress.

Orillia Campus Service Details ::
Service times 8.30 & 10.00 AM | Orillia Galaxy Cinema’s | 865 West Ridge Blvd, Orillia (Children’s Programs @ 10 AM)

Barrie Campus Service Details ::
Service times 8.30 & 10 AM | Barrie Galaxy Cinema’s | 72 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie

So excited for all that is ahead.  So grateful for what God did in our midst in 2011!



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