Praying for Africa and Bill Fitch

I got an email this morning from Peggy Fitch.  Peggy and her husband Bill are part of our Orillia Campus and  will be part of our launch team for our Muskoka campus down the road. 

Several years ago, Bill founded Listen to Learn, a response to a prompting he felt from God to help educate African pastors in solid theology. Access to education is poor in most parts of Africa, and pastors are as desperate to know more about God as they are to eat.  Bill's organization brings good bible training to pastors via solar-powered MP3 players.

New Year's found Bill working in Kenya when tremendous civil unrest broke out.  The death toll keeps climbing daily and, according to Bill's email yesterday and the press reports, it has descended into tribal warfare.  There is a shortage of gas to get out of the cities where violence is the worst, and the banking network is down.  Even if you have money, you can't get to it.  People are fleeing with what they have on their backs and in their pockets.

In your prayers today, remember Bill and the Listen to Learn team, and the many other Christian workers, indigenous and foreign, who work hard for Christ daily.  Also remember the people of Africa.  Our world here at home is so very different and insulated, and it's so clear that God doesn't play favourites like we do.  Pray for the people of Kenya who matter to God as much as we do.

Bill, we applaud your courage and your commitment to bringing Christ to people who otherwise wouldn't have the access to good resources that you have brought.  We are praying for you, my friend, and we are so grateful for all you are doing.

Others from Connexus are also doing mission work in Africa (Jack and Jane Verburg, to name two.)  It's a joy to see our own folks so personally devoted to the work of Jesus. 


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  1. Carey Nieuwhof says, January 4, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    I need to clarify one important thing. I made a mistake. Bill Fitch is not in Africa right now, he's in Bracebridge. It turns out the report I read the other day was from someone who was in the midst of the turmoil — a colleague and co-worker of Bill's in Eldoret, where the violence is very intense. So for those you who know Bill, please accept my apologies. To Bill's colleagues, know that we are praying for you.

    In a very real way, our prayers were not in vain. There are many caught in this real turmoil, and for all who have prayed, thank you!

    Bill and Peggy are leaving for Africa but will not visit the most volatile areas at this time. Bill hopes to get to Eldoret at some point, but right away is not possible. Bill and Peggy, we will keep you in our prayers.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, and God bless you in your incredible work.

    On another note, I heard from Jack and Jane Verburg who landed in Ethiopia today. Today, they delivered knit garments to children in an orphanage and in a hospital. The nights go down to 6?C there and there is no heat. Pray for their work and for them and the people they work with.

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