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We are so excited about what gets launched this Sunday. At both campuses, we are synchronizing our messages to do a single weekend called "Heart Break". Join us for a time of reflection and prayer before we head into the hectic pace of the fall. We'll celebrate communion, and I'll bring a special message called "Heart Break" that kicks off seven days where as a community, we'll be invited to fast and pray together. But instead of fasting and praying about what breaks our hearts, we're going to fast and pray about the things that break God's heart.

This stuff brand new to you? In many ways, it is to us too as a community. Who knows what God will do? It's a service that will be a unique entry point for your friends, and it will help you grow deeper in your faith.

We'll hold our usual service times at 8:30 and 10:00 with full kids ministry, but here are some other special elements for the next seven days as we turn outward to reach our cities:

  • We'll make a seven day personal study guide to guide your prayer time and grow your faith, available Sunday in hard copy or online on our web site
  • We're challenging about 100 of our families to pray for every single family in Barrie and Orillia over seven days. You have to be there Sunday to participate.
  • Rich Birch and I are hosting early morning public prayer venues at 7 a.m. Monday – Friday in various locations in Barrie and Orillia. Everyone's invited.
  • Families from each campus are invited to help us deliver Connexus flyers to 2000 families in Barrie and Orillia next Saturday, September 6th.

Watch this blog starting Sunday afternoon for daily updates. What we are hoping is that not only will we not enter the fall swept up in the usual busyness, we're hoping that as a congregation, our hearts would start to break over the things that break God's heart.

Don't miss it Sunday at 8:30 and 10:00 at each campus!

Heart Break

Most of us wish for at least two things: that our lives would have purpose and that if there is a God, we would have a close relationship to him. Join us this week for seven unique days designed to get us all into a new place spiritually as fall begins. Together as a community, we will engage in a guided time of fasting and praying. What would happen if each of us began to engage God on the issues that break His heart, not just the issues that break ours? How would our lives change? How would our community change? How would our church change? What if we all began to pray this question: God, will you break my heart over the things that break yours?

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