The Power of Synergy

–>I get excited when leaders get together.  There is nothing like a group of people pooling their time and energy and strength together to achieve a common mission. 

That's what is forming the heart of the Connexus community.  As hundreds of us pool our time and talent as well as our resources together and submit them prayerfully to God, we are able to accomplish far more than any of us ever could on our own. 

One of the values of Connexus is called "strategic service". That value simply says that our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when exercised in support of our strategy.

I think this value reflects how God designed things to work. Musicians understand it: if musicians get together and play whatever they want whenever they want to, you get noise.  But when their talents are used around a common strategy (to play a song), you get a far more powerful and beautiful sound than any single musician could produce on his or her own. As we pool our time and energy and resources around a common cause, the synergy will unleash a potential that would never be present in a team not unified or running off in different directions.

Thank you to ALL of you who are stepping up to serve this November to help us launch Connexus.  You are unleashing the power of synergy on our communities.  I just believe God has such a deep heart for people, and when we cooperate with His heart to reach people, who knows what will happen? 

But the Connexus team is even bigger than you might realize.  We are so energized to be part of the broader North Point Community.  If you check out the North Point Partner site you'll see two little Canadian arrows on a map of North America that mark Connexus as part of the North Point Strategic Partners network. 

Every week, I get emails and phone calls from people who serve in North Point churches who are praying for us, cheering for us and supporting us in our launch.  They are so excited about what you are doing and how you are stepping up to the challenge.  In this launch phase and over the years to come, North Point  provides training, support, and leadership to help our teams release their full potential.  The FAQ section of the site might give you some interesting perspective on how partnerships operate, although there are a few differences with our relationship because we'll be the content provider (the Sunday message provider) for the Canadian sites.

It's great to realize the power of synergy.  Many more of you will sign up to serve this weekend at our launch meeting at the Orillia Galaxy Cinema at 10:00 a.m. Thanks in advance for pooling your talent, resources and effort to make this launch spectacular.


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