Want to be a More Effective Parent? There’s an App for That.

Well this is just cool.  If you have a child in Waumba Land or Upstreet, you know that every month we hand out a FamilyCue Box designed to help you use the influence you have at home to help your kids grow in faith and character.

Now there's an app for that.

The Parent Cue app provides videos, music, and discussion starters specifically designed home use, plus a new Parent Time full of resources to enrich you. Plus it's all organized into a weekly plan. How cool is that???

Plus the Parent Time section of the blog works for parents of all ages.  It links you to content that Reggie Joiner and I (and a few other friends) put together every month to help parents make the most of your influence.

Best yet?  The app is free this week in the App Store.  It's perfect for your iPhone or iPod.  (Watch for a premium version later this month as well as an Android app).

Download it and let us know what you think!  We hope it makes a difference at home…and helps you make an impact on the next generation.

– Carey


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