Overcoming One of Your Biggest Fears

Last month I asked all of us – including you – to pray every day for three people who aren't yet Christians and invite one to come with you to church before Christmas.  Pray for three, invite one.

Some of you have already invited friends.  I know, because I've met them.  And others have told me their friends are coming. Fantastic!

But I also know that actually inviting someone to church causes more than a few of us to gulp. Even if we have incredible events like Funday Sunday, great music and relevant series, it's still hard to invite people.  What if I offend them?  What if they say no?

There's three truths.

  1. Many people say yes. I could tell you story after story about people I've invited who I thought would say no.  They said yes.  And many of them have become Christians.
  2. A no won't ruin your friendship. If you ask them and then say no, it's not the end of the world…and it's pretty much never the end of a healthy friendship.
  3. The story isn't finished yet. I once heard that Billy Graham said seven people are usually involved when someone becomes a Christian.  The first person thinks they had nothing to do with someone's salvation, the seventh person thinks they were the only person responsible for someone's baptism.  I just want you to know, it's okay to be #1.  If they say no to you, that doesn't mean they will say no forever.  Be willing to be used by God.  You are responsible for the ask, not the outcome.

So this week, I hope you'll pray and swallow hard, and invite someone with you.  We have fantastic services lined up for both campuses.  And we designed them with you and your friends in mind.

What's helped you get over your fear of inviting people to come with you?  What fears remain?

– Carey


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