Not What You Were Expecting This Weekend

Hope you can make it this weekend to Connexus.  Not only will you be helping your kids gain a real advantage by being here (see this for more details), but we have a couple of fun moments planned in each of the services (right off the top, don't be late!) and a series we're so excited about called the Four Things.  Sometimes it's fun to start things with a surprise!

The purpose this weekend?  To help you and your friends connect with God.  You can invite your friends to the Barrie campus here, and to the Orillia campus here.

We are passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ and tomorrow will be a great way to help people find that, so see you there.

Barrie Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. |  Galaxy Cinemas, 72 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie

Four Things :: Part Two: Connect
Life is so busy, who really has time to connect and build new relationships? But not connecting with other followers of Jesus can mean you end up missing out on a big piece of your relationship with Jesus. God actually uses other people to grow us. This week we’ll discover why and how circles beat rows.

Orillia Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. | Galaxy Cinemas, 365 Westridge Place, Orillia

Four Things :: Part One: False Finish
Ever work hard to cross a finish line, only to discover it wasn't the finish line? That  can happen spiritually too. Drawing the right finish line spiritually is crtitically important too. In fact, drawing the right line could change your life.


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