Not Keeping it To Yourself

If you discover a great restaurant, do you tell someone?

If you get engaged, do you keep it to yourself?

When your toddler takes his first steps, do you leave the video camera in the case and unplug your phone?

There's something about the great moments in life that make us want to tell someone.  

Why should our faith be any different? 

I saw some great examples of something we call 'investing and inviting' last weekend that I hope will encourage you and inspire you to tell your friends about the great things that God is doing in your life and in the wider community at Connexus:

  • I saw nurse who had invited two of her co-workers with her to church on Sunday.  The smiles on each of their faces after the service was more than a bit contagious.
  • Met some kids at Xtreme who were really excited about bringing their friends to Capture the Flag.
  • Saw friends inviting friends into Group Link last weekend in Orillia.
  • Of all the people I've met for the first time in the last 30 days, almost everyone of them said they got to Connexus because a friend invited them.

"Investing" simply means we believe Christians should have real, authentic friendships with people from the wider community.  I know that sounds "weird", but the truth is, many Christians only have Christian friends.  One of the reasons we don't run a lot of mid-week programmes is because we want you to have time with your family and time to build meaningful relationships with your neighbours, coworkers and friends.

"Inviting" simply means we would love for you to invite your friends into one of our environments in the same way you'd take them to a movie, invite them to dinner or play a round of golf.  Friends share things that are important.  

Every weekend, we work hard to make our services the kind of environment friends can attend together.

Got some friends interested in the paranormal?  You've got to check this out: Medium is coming to Connexus in October.  Stay tuned…we have some other exciting things coming soon too.

So thanks for being a friend who's telling friends about what matters.  It's exciting to see people excited about discovering who Christ is for them.  


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