North Point Comes North

–>Many of you are asking, will Connexus be part of a denomination?  The answer is no…and yes.  Connexus will be an independent church in relationship with North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. North Point itself currently has three campuses and twelve strategic partners.  They're all excited for you and praying for us (check out this partner's blog).

Strategic partners are independent churches that share a mission, vision and strategy with North Point and have a relationship of accountability with the leadership of North Point.  We are so excited to be North Point's first strategic partner in Canada, and also humbled by the trust the leadership team at North Point has placed in our team to be the hub for North Point expansion into Canada.  Over time and as God leads, they'll equip us to create our own Connexus/North Point strategic partners across the country using the North Point model. Our team will be producing message content for the Canadian sites the same was Alpharetta's team of teachers, led by Andy Stanley, does for the U.S. (although we can use Andy's messages here in Canada too.)

What do we love about North Point?

  1. Inspired, godly, humble leadership. The North Point team, from Andy on down, are the real deal:  humble, prayerful, godly leaders who are also unbelievable effective in what they do.
  2. Bench strength.  Throughout its campuses, North Point has assembled an unbelievable quantity and quality of leaders.  At Connexus, that's a network we can tap into when we need anything from advice to staffing, and conversely, something over time we can contribute to.
  3. A genuine heart for inspiring great leaders. North Point staff
    generously give of their time to build into leaders, and have invested
    so much already in our leadership team and volunteers.
  4. A proven track record: they reach 20,000 people on their three Atlanta area campuses alone, many of whom had no church background prior to coming to North Point.
  5. Protection for Connexus.  While we are entirely independent (owning our own assets etc.), in the event of a senior leadership vacancy, North Point would help us find new leadership and would coach us through the vacancy.

There are about a million other things I love about North Point.  They just get church, and they get how to do it for outsiders.  Plus I really believe this is a door God opened.  Three years ago, we didn't know any of these guys personally.  One day I'll tell you the story….



  1. Rich Barrett says, September 23, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    Love the new blog, love the look, love ORANGE!

    So great to see you guys taking this big and risky step. Yet, what's the risk? God's in control, right?

    Praying for you through this transition.

  2. Joanne says, September 24, 2007 at 6:48 am

    Andy Stanley is an incredibly gifted preacher. And North Point obviously excels at building church and reaching out beyond the typical walls of the church.

    Our small group listened to "Life Rules" series of teaching videos by Andy Stanley. They are just incredible. In fact, my husband and I liked them so much that we just ordered them for ourselves from the Treasure House. We are going to invite a short-term small group of people in our neighbourhood to watch this incredible teaching again. It was fun, relevant, interesting, and life tranforming. Hard to top that as a curriculum!

    I'm very impressed by North Point, and it was great how much volunteer support they willingly gave to Trinity in terms of building up KidStuff Ministry. They barely knew us, yet came for a week at their own expense to teach about how to set up and run kids stuff and build sets, etc. And all as volunteers. That showed a real commitmment and love towards Trinity.

    Also, I like that following Christ is transnational and international. I like that it is what serves Christ and his kingdom that matters at the end of the day.


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