New Name For Our Middle School Ministry!

This Fall we’ve got a lot to be excited about in student ministry.  As our team has been working hard preparing for the school year, the anticipation is building for all of us.

One thing we want everyone to know about is the launch of a new identity for Xtreme, our middle school environment for grade 6-8 students.  On September 11th in Orillia and September 18th in Barrie, Xtreme will officially be changing its name to TRANSIT!

So why Transit? Most of us remember being in middle school and feeling a little giddy about what felt like a promotion in life.  At the same time, we also felt lost in the shuffle of a life that was changing fast—new friends, busier schedules, tougher classes, plenty of insecurities, and more confusing social decisions.  Our trains had left the station, but we weren’t quite sure where we were headed.  We felt like the name Transit captured those feelings of middle school students.

Transit is an environment to help middle school students find lots of trusted fellow “commuters” and adult leaders who truly understand and are excited about helping them ease their journeys between elementary and high school.  It is full of friends that are ready to explore the answers to questions like: Where do I fit? Who do I want to become? How can I stand out?  How can I blend in?  Does God really notice me?  Does He care?

Transit is a name that really describes our ministry with this age group.  As these students are in the middle of transitioning from being kids to being young adults, we’re helping them to develop a faith of their own.

We’d encourage you to check out this video to get an even better feel for the new identity of TRANSIT.  (If you have trouble viewing it try this link)

While the name is changing, continue to be passionate about leading students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through great small groups, the investment of small group leaders, Biblical teaching, and partnering with parents.

On top of this new name, this Fall we’re upgrading the look of our student ministry environments for both InsideOut and Transit, planning life-changing retreats, and working on great events for our students and their friends!  Keep your eyes out for more details!


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