Never Been A Better Time to Get Involved

So you've been thinking about getting involved, but you're still not sure.  I promise you there has never been a better time to get involved at Connexus.

We're in the middle of a series called Four Things that has so far moved 100 people from sitting in a row to getting involved.  That's incredible!  We're encouraged because we believe you are going to grow spiritually when you get involved, and that our mission is going to be stronger because you're involved.  Thank you!

If you're that person who sits at the back and isn't involved, I want to let you know now is your chance.  I believe you're going to grow.

So let's catch up on the different ways to get involved.   If you missed a week,  listen to any of the messages in the series on our website or via itunes.

Connect – Community is everything.  Move from a row on Sunday to a circle where you can meet people, get your questions answered and more.  Starting Point is starting this week at both campuses.  Register here.

Serve – Any day is a great day to decide to serve at Connexus.  We have places for Christians and not-yet Christians alike to serve.  Sign up to serve here.

Give – When you open your finances to God, you open your life to God.  The best way to give regularly is to automate your givings.  You can do that right here.

Invite – Okay, we haven't preached this one yet but today's a great day to invite a friend.  To invite a friend to Orillia, click here.  For Barrie, click here.

Oh – and there's one more way you can connect this month.  Join us for the Financial Learning Experience Wednesday, February 22nd.  You will love learning how to handle money in a way that will help you live with margin and live on mission.  There's still room for about 50 people…so hurry.  Register here today.

There has never been a better time to get involved at Connexus.  What are you waiting for?

– Carey




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